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"Nobody should become someone like me… I’m just acting cool, but I have no one to talk with when I’m scared or sad… I’m forced to cry all alone. Being a magical girl really isn’t that great.."“Will you really fight with me from now on?”

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”Ja’far…your language.” - Rurumu

Shota Ja’far is just epic ok. GO READ SINBAD NO BOKUEN FOR THIS SHOTA. I love how Hinahoho’s fiancee, Rurumu is teaching the boys proper etiquette and does the chop-chop thingy if both disobey with Ja’far suffering the most.

But what makes me happy is seeing Sinbad and Ja’far are studying together…KYYAAAHHMYSINJAFEELS. CUTIES.

It’s amazing though how these two are both completely illiterate (maybe Sin knows how to write but I think both of them didn’t get proper education like the aristocrats) but Sin became king and publish his own book and Ja’far is the one responsible for those papers to sign etc. etc. Rurumu must have been proud of how these two turned out to be in the future.

I just feel sad that we won’t be seeing Ja’far for awhile but I can’t help but think the next time we see him, he doesn’t have a foul mouth anymore. BUT I’M GONNA MISS SNARKY JA’FAR. I NEED MORE OF IT.

Also Sin is such a ladies man. ALWAYS A LADIES MAN. ahahahaha. 

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Dragul Drakon: Western Region Military Unit Commander 
(Sinbad no Bouken OVA 1)
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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic | Episode 24

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Uh……I thought of SPN with Hogwarts AU before Jensen and Misha with a sorting hat at JIB5……..OK i am silly

That’s Metatron hehe *whispers*

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Did I leave any Cas out? hehe

K done..! I’m pretty sure there’s no more Cas left. right…?

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World Cup FIFA 2014 - Germany 1 x 0 Argentina

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